Lend like a friend


So you borrowed your neighbor Tom’s circular saw when you got inspired to build shelves for the garage to better organize your collection of mostly empty paint cans. And you rented a power tiller from Home Depot when your wife got all excited about home grown heirloom tomatoes. So, the idea of borrowing/renting power tools that you barely know how to use is not entirely new to you. You like the occasional weekend DIY project, but you’re not serious enough to really invest in a woodshop’s worth of quality tools.

Wouldn’t it be great to have a nearly endless supply of tools and expert knowledge to borrow right in your own neighborhood? It’s called a tool library.

A tool library works a lot like a book library – you can check out tools and talk to the friendly folks there about what’s good and how to use them – all of the benefits with little of the investment. Intrigued? Check out this post from Shareable on how to start your own tool library.

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