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A group of artists in Bethlehem, PA wants to put street art in and on neglected and vacant historic buildings as a way of calling attention to the re-development potential lying dormant there. “We hope to bring more attention to the needs and potential of the neighborhood through this project, as well as, giving a platform for some amazing local and regional artists.”

Learn more about the project here.

Durham Storefront installation by Elsewhere & Whitney Trettien

This is similar to a successful effort ongoing here in Durham: the Durham Storefront Project. “The Durham Storefront Project organizes installation series in underutilized spaces, highlighting the history and architecture of Durham, providing new opportunities for artists, and adding to the vibrancy of downtown.”

Seems to me that this can easily be replicated all across the country. Many older neighborhoods have a few small commercial buildings clustered around a main intersection. Sometimes they are home to long-standing businesses, but sometimes they see a lot of turnover. Pop up art installations can fill the voids, pretty up the neighborhood and offer inspiration for the next venture.


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