Idle space? Not for long in San Francisco’s Mid-Market


Recently we posted about 3Space a UK organization that puts temporary tenants in empty commercial properties. In San Francisco’s Mid-Market, an organization called SQFT just launched a neighborhood-wide program with a similar purpose. SQFT hopes that by incubating pop-up businesses it can help revitalize Mid-Market, a downtrodden stretch of central San Francisco. As it says on their Website:

A new urban era has begun and we’re seeing that cities are places of new ideas, and a new creative economy. The city too must be able to creatively adapt.

SQFT’s bet is that translating idle real estate into temporary businesses will provide opportunities for neighbors even as it helps “to draw foot-traffic, clean the streets, and maintain safe corners.”  The question remains, can these businesses have a longer-term impact, and will they help residents rather than displacing them?

Read more about SQFT’s vision for Mid-Market at Good Cities and Shareable.

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