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AT House Color

Apartment Therapy explores the question of house color – should you consider your neighbors or pick whatever you want? The comments lean towards “it’s your house, express yourself!” But my personal opinion is that you should be able to strike a balance between a statement and an eyesore, although some people just can’t seem to. One commenter sums it up well,

I think the issue here is whether home owners should embrace absolute individualism with an attitude of “get lost” if others don’t like it, or should they realize that they live in a community where other’s property values, interests, etc… are affected. Either approach is perfectly legal and legit. It just depends what kind of person you want to be. I think you can have in interesting house without going against the grain of the neighborhood.  — Sisterfunkhaus

What do you think? Color and accessorize with abandon or stop and think of your neighbors’ eyes?


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