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Making playborhoods: A conversation with Mike Lanza

The neighborhood is the only place where truly free play can happen. 
When he was growing up, Mike Lanza says, “Kids sort of made the neighborhood. They took the lead. They got to know other kids, and they were the social lubricant for the whole neighborhood.” But …

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On Kickstarter: The Driveway Tour in Minneapolis

Who doesn’t love a puppet show? How about a puppet show in your yard or your neighbor’s? Open Eye Figure Theater’s Driveway Tour has brought original family-friendly puppet theater into more than 500 backyards, driveways and parks in neighborhoods across Minneapolis and beyond.

Check them out …

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On the mend, in Amsterdam

Repair Cafe -- Amsterdam (via repaircafe.nl)

At Amsterdam’s community-based Repair Cafés, locals come together to fix broken items from their homes. It’s expertise sharing that keeps stuff out of the trash even as it creates new places for people to meet.
Learn more from these stories at shareable.net and the New York …

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Neighborhood Nellie Bly scores scoops

What does a kid-run community newspaper supply that your average neighborhood newsletter doesn’t? Mainly, it’s a matter of perspective and vitality. Eleven-year-old Lucy (aka Lucy Goose) Newsom

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A cure for the small city blues?

Sometimes what we see as the inadequacies of our cities get us down. But we shouldn’t despair. “Look up at the unknown lights and stop focusing on the setting on the ground,” writes Kristen Jeffers in “Killing the Civic Inferiority Complex,” a visual guide about …

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On Kickstarter: Brooklyn Hi-Art! Machine 2012

In Brooklyn, artists Mildred Beltré and Oasa Duverney are inviting their neighbors to make art with them. This summer, they’re planning  sidewalk chalk animation, a neighborhood scents self-guided tour, and a neighborhood newspaper.

Learn more here.
Each Friday, NEIGHBORISTA! highlights an interesting-looking community project on Kickstarter.

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What do we write about when we write about neighborhoods?

Durham Roundup (photo E. Sappenfield)

“Only connect!” — E. M. Forster, Howard’s End
Fun sites devoted to cities and urbanism abound on the Web. (Why can’t my city have bike sharing like Copenhagen?) And then there’s all that decorator porn that enflames you with images of what your home or apartment …

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