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Art on the porch?

art on porch

I have seen a lot three dimensional art pieces for your walls lately (here, here and here, for example). But have you ever thought about putting something like that on your porch? Traci’s home tour on Apartment Therapy features this striking photo of her front …

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On Kickstarter: Streetfluence


A group of artists in Bethlehem, PA wants to put street art in and on neglected and vacant historic buildings as a way of calling attention to the re-development potential lying dormant there. “We hope to bring more attention to the needs and potential of …

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On Kickstarter: Detroit Youth Food Brigade

This week on Kickstarter, we found another food-focused project, the Detroit Youth Food Brigade. A collaboration between local high school students, food-based business, and neighborhood markets, DYFB takes a city-wide approach to improve access to healthy food through neighborhood markets, and students, who had to …

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Learn to share

Skillshare screenshot

A post at Shelterrific pointed out a great way to share some skills with your neighbors: Skillshare. It’s an online catalog of workshops and classes taught by local folks on a wide variety of topics — crafts, cooking, business skills, Web tech, etc. You can …

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The corner library

“A few years ago libraries were riding high. . . . The last few years have seen the emergence of myriad mini, pop-up, guerilla and ad-hoc libraries, which are part of the phenomenon that Mimi Zeiger, in her Interventionist’s Toolkit series for this journal, calls …

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On the mend, in Amsterdam

Repair Cafe -- Amsterdam (via

At Amsterdam’s community-based Repair Cafés, locals come together to fix broken items from their homes. It’s expertise sharing that keeps stuff out of the trash even as it creates new places for people to meet.
Learn more from these stories at and the New York …

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Lend like a friend


So you borrowed your neighbor Tom’s circular saw when you got inspired to build shelves for the garage to better organize your collection of mostly empty paint cans. And you rented a power tiller from Home Depot when your wife got all excited about home …

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A little color goes a long way

Orange and gray entry

A little color goes a long way to making your porch pop. Check out this striking orange and gray combination (via Apartment Therapy) that makes for an inviting entry.

Front Porch Chic
Meeting the street in style.
Ideas for relaxing, inviting and fun spaces just outside your front door.
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