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Idle space? Not for long in San Francisco’s Mid-Market


Recently we posted about 3Space a UK organization that puts temporary tenants in empty commercial properties. In San Francisco’s Mid-Market, an organization called SQFT just launched a neighborhood-wide program with a similar purpose. SQFT hopes that by incubating pop-up businesses it can help revitalize Mid-Market, …

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Backyard timeshare

TIMESHARE backyard

As Swiss Miss says, “Only in New York.” The Timeshare Backyard is a vacant lot complete with “luxury grass,” a bbq grill and other accouterments that you can rent by the hour.
It seems like this idea might work best in a dense, urban area, but maybe there …

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Chalk it up


Here’s a great idea for a summer afternoon: get out the sidewalk chalk and participate in an international public art project.
It’s summer time and one the pleasures of summer is making sidewalk chalk. So today, is launching Neighbor Chalk and we’re inviting you to …

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Monopoly in Logan Square

Chicago monopoly

To continue the theme, there is a street artist (or collective – he/she/they prefer to remain anonymous) in Chicago that has put up a few Monopoly-themed installations in the Logan Square neighborhood (via Rebuilding Place in the Urban Space). There is the Albany Street tile, …

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On Kickstarter: San Francisco Neighborhood Portraits


Elliot Bamberger is taking photos and video of historic neighborhoods in San Francisco and editing out the distracting background to focus on the collection of unique structures that gives each neighborhood its character. It’s incredibly cool.

Here’s what he says about it:
The San Francisco Neighborhood Portraits project seeks to preserve …

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On Kickstarter: Our Neighborhood Mapping Project

Sociologist Andrew Lohmann in Claremont CA wants to study neighborhoods, not using the government-defined boundaries of census tract or school district most common, but instead using boundaries generated by the residents themselves. He gives folks a blank map, asks them to draw a line around their neighborhood …

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Blight + zombies = revitalization

z world detroit

The creative folks in Detroit are always open to new ideas to deal with blighted neighborhoods. Is the latest idea of a zombie theme park too much of a stretch or just what they need (via Curbed Detroit)? Z World Detroit will utilize abandoned and …

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Urbanizing the (former) suburbs

The Park Road Shopping Center - what an awesome sign.

The cluster of leafy, quiet neighborhoods collectively known as the Park-Woodlawn area in Charlotte are about to embark on a city-led planning effort to become more urban (via Next American City). They once were sleepy suburbs on the edge of downtown Charlotte, and now the …

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Measure your parkiness

If you live in one of the 40 largest cities in the US, then ParkScore (via Urban Planet), a new project from The Trust for Public Land, has surveyed your town and rated its parkiness (to coin a term). Cities are scored on Acreage, …

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No fences, good neighbors

“When the fences are up, you tend to hide in your garden from the other people. That is no longer possible here.” “Our lives are intertwined.” Does this sound good to you and your neighbors? Then read on. A recent article at the Wall …

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