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Public personal style: painting your house

AT House Color

Apartment Therapy explores the question of house color – should you consider your neighbors or pick whatever you want? The comments lean towards “it’s your house, express yourself!” But my personal opinion is that you should be able to strike a balance between a statement …

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Get dirty with your neighbors

Kids Get Dirty At Annual Mud Day Festivities

Westland, MI knows how to get dirty and have fun. Today they are hosting the 25th Mud Day at the Nankin Mills Recreation Center (via Playgroundology). The county parks department combines 20,000 gallons of water with 200 tons of topsoil to make an incredibly filthy, oozy, …

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Tweet Town


Apartment Therapy has a nice piece about using your Twitter feed to follow local businesses and events. A commenter notes that often local businesses and restaurants have giveaways via Twitter and Facebook. So, you can support the corner cafe or independent bookstore and maybe win …

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Your friendly neighborhood magician

neighborhood magician

Mike Lanza of Playborhood has a great post up about their neighborhood magician. Hugh is a neighbor and professional magician who is more than willing to share his talents from time to time. Because Mike has given over his front yard to be a neighborhood …

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It’s all about the people


A promo video (via CoolTown Studios) about a redeveloped mill in Charlotte NC caught my eye. Turns out that the best part of the video is about the surrounding neighborhood, not the mill. The developers worked closely with the Greenville neighborhood, a tight-knit, historically black neighborhood. It …

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A cure for the small city blues?

Sometimes what we see as the inadequacies of our cities get us down. But we shouldn’t despair. “Look up at the unknown lights and stop focusing on the setting on the ground,” writes Kristen Jeffers in “Killing the Civic Inferiority Complex,” a visual guide about …

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