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The Clothesline Lady

“Hi. I am one person who often does the clothesline thing in the hood. I would be happy to show you my collection of clothes lines.”

had seen her mentioned on the listserv — “the clothesline lady,” a neighbor who knew all about line drying and …

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Neighborhood Nellie Bly scores scoops

What does a kid-run community newspaper supply that your average neighborhood newsletter doesn’t? Mainly, it’s a matter of perspective and vitality. Eleven-year-old Lucy (aka Lucy Goose) Newsom

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Won’t you be my neighbor?

I don’t expect my neighborhood to be the land of make-believe. What matters to me is that it feels like a real place, a place I’m a part of and that I care about, a place that feels like home.

hen I was growing up in …

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Last days of the Caffe del Arte

Business plans are what the experts say Spain needs to get out of the economic doldrums. But a business plan doesn’t make a neighborhood . . . or provide jobs to the eccentric or underdressed.

he day before Easter vacation started, they rolled down the metal …

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Finding the raw people of Burlington


I spent my day job at a nonprofit in a nearby town, trying to make it into a better place, but I never really felt like the place I lived was actually home. It took getting engaged in the city to realize that I should …

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What do we write about when we write about neighborhoods?

Durham Roundup (photo E. Sappenfield)

“Only connect!” — E. M. Forster, Howard’s End
Fun sites devoted to cities and urbanism abound on the Web. (Why can’t my city have bike sharing like Copenhagen?) And then there’s all that decorator porn that enflames you with images of what your home or apartment …

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