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Dinner and a movie, Lawrenceville style

A “gentrification farce,” Progression follows a group of urbanites navigating love and heartbreak on the night of the annual progressive dinner in Pittsburgh’s Lawrenceville neighborhood. Gab Cody wrote and directed this feature-length comedy with her partner, Sam Turich. He also helped her write about making a …

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Community’s got talent!

Denver’s Stage C produces a not-your-garden-variety variety show. Could your neighborhood do it too?

Think talent show, and you may flashback to a grade school auditorium watching pianists dutifully pecking out show tunes or breakdancers performing amazing pops and locks. A show can do more than …

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On Kickstarter: San Francisco Neighborhood Portraits


Elliot Bamberger is taking photos and video of historic neighborhoods in San Francisco and editing out the distracting background to focus on the collection of unique structures that gives each neighborhood its character. It’s incredibly cool.

Here’s what he says about it:
The San Francisco Neighborhood Portraits project seeks to preserve …

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On Kickstarter: Streetfluence


A group of artists in Bethlehem, PA wants to put street art in and on neglected and vacant historic buildings as a way of calling attention to the re-development potential lying dormant there. “We hope to bring more attention to the needs and potential of …

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House love, in Charles Village and on the road

Writer and teacher Ron Tanner found his dream house in a great Baltimore neighborhood. The only problem was that it was in terrible shape, full of garbage, and condemned by the city.
In 1999, writer and teacher Ron Tanner found the kind of house that …

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On Kickstarter: The Driveway Tour in Minneapolis

Who doesn’t love a puppet show? How about a puppet show in your yard or your neighbor’s? Open Eye Figure Theater’s Driveway Tour has brought original family-friendly puppet theater into more than 500 backyards, driveways and parks in neighborhoods across Minneapolis and beyond.

Check them out …

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