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April 27th is Neighborday. Want to get involved?


For us at NEIGHBORISTA! every day is Neighborday, of course. But the good folks at GOOD — an online community network dedicated to building collaborative tools for positive social change — are hoping to encourage stratospheric levels of neighborliness this Saturday, April 27, with a …

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When EveryBlock is not enough: Making local news work

Even as ambitious nationwide hyperlocal news projects collapse, small sites are staying competitive at delivering the local goods. Here’s why.
If 2007 was the bubble year for hyperlocal news with startups like EveryBlock and Patch promising to revolutionize how we learn about what’s going on outside …

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New issue coming spring 2013!

We’re hard at work on some new stories for the coming months. Got ideas about topics you’d like to see? Want to submit a tale from your own creative community? Get in touch with us at howdy [at] We’d love to hear from you.
Meanwhile, …

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Community’s got talent!

Denver’s Stage C produces a not-your-garden-variety variety show. Could your neighborhood do it too?

Think talent show, and you may flashback to a grade school auditorium watching pianists dutifully pecking out show tunes or breakdancers performing amazing pops and locks. A show can do more than …

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So you want to start a listserv

So, you’re ready for the useful insanity of the listserv. Now what?
You’ve read our piece about The useful insanity of the listserv. You’ve been hearing your friends across the country talk about the things happening on their listservs. You’ve decided that it’s time for your …

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Sanborn Maps: Your neighborhood’s history in pastel

With these maps you can see for yourself what your neighborhood looked like for the generations who have preceded you.

Every neighborhood seems to have one: that older man or woman who grew up in the neighborhood, who knows everybody’s name, and who is really the …

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Tweet Town


Apartment Therapy has a nice piece about using your Twitter feed to follow local businesses and events. A commenter notes that often local businesses and restaurants have giveaways via Twitter and Facebook. So, you can support the corner cafe or independent bookstore and maybe win …

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On Kickstarter: Our Neighborhood Mapping Project

Sociologist Andrew Lohmann in Claremont CA wants to study neighborhoods, not using the government-defined boundaries of census tract or school district most common, but instead using boundaries generated by the residents themselves. He gives folks a blank map, asks them to draw a line around their neighborhood …

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On Kickstarter: Detroit Youth Food Brigade

This week on Kickstarter, we found another food-focused project, the Detroit Youth Food Brigade. A collaboration between local high school students, food-based business, and neighborhood markets, DYFB takes a city-wide approach to improve access to healthy food through neighborhood markets, and students, who had to …

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On the mend, in Amsterdam

Repair Cafe -- Amsterdam (via

At Amsterdam’s community-based Repair Cafés, locals come together to fix broken items from their homes. It’s expertise sharing that keeps stuff out of the trash even as it creates new places for people to meet.
Learn more from these stories at and the New York …

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