Idle space? Not for long in San Francisco’s Mid-Market


Recently we posted about 3Space a UK organization that puts temporary tenants in empty commercial properties. In San Francisco’s Mid-Market, an organization called SQFT just launched a neighborhood-wide program with a similar purpose. SQFT hopes that by incubating pop-up businesses it can help revitalize Mid-Market, …

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Public personal style: painting your house

AT House Color

Apartment Therapy explores the question of house color – should you consider your neighbors or pick whatever you want? The comments lean towards “it’s your house, express yourself!” But my personal opinion is that you should be able to strike a balance between a statement …

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Smallknot – invest in a neighborhood business


Smallknot is a new site that enables investing a small, local business (via Swissmiss). It’s just getting started, so right now you can support businesses in New York or Greenville, SC. Of course, they are interested in people referring their neighborhood spot. Most of the …

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Backyard timeshare

TIMESHARE backyard

As Swiss Miss says, “Only in New York.” The Timeshare Backyard is a vacant lot complete with “luxury grass,” a bbq grill and other accouterments that you can rent by the hour.
It seems like this idea might work best in a dense, urban area, but maybe there …

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Looks like y’all aren’t from around here

Neighborhood clean up day (an American idea)

Living abroad for almost two years as a Peace Corps Volunteer has taught me a lot about having and being a good neighbor.
Living abroad in a small Azerbaijani town for nearly two years as a Peace Corps Volunteer has taught me a lot about how having and …

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Do it with friends


If you are doing household tasks, you may as well do them with friends.  It’s a simple concept of friends helping friends, so no need to make it too stressful or complicated.
We have these friends, Mike and Sarah Wolff, who are DIY SuperStars. Not only …

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Neighbors for neighbors


Yesterday’s post about the Neighborhood Chalk project led me to NeighborsForNeighbors. It’s a pretty cool example of a community dashboard site, like we talked about in So you want to start a listserv. Based in Boston, NFN combines a message board with an event calendar and …

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Chalk it up


Here’s a great idea for a summer afternoon: get out the sidewalk chalk and participate in an international public art project.
It’s summer time and one the pleasures of summer is making sidewalk chalk. So today, is launching Neighbor Chalk and we’re inviting you to …

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So you want to start a listserv

Curb Alert apple

So, you’re ready for the useful insanity of the listserv. Now what?
You’ve read our piece about The useful insanity of the listserv. You’ve been hearing your friends across the country talk about the things happening on their listservs. You’ve decided that it’s time for your …

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Put a house on Baltic


I’m sure this will make the rounds, but Movoto has surveyed the Monopoly properties then and now. Then was the 1930s when the game debuted featuring the names of streets in and around Atlantic City, NJ. Movoto looked at properties currently for sale on those …

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