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Unsubtle signs of the Upper East sidewalk

Hey, Mr. Dog, I’m trying to become a tulip here. You gotta problem with that?
One thing New Yorkers excel at is letting you know how they feel. You’re never left wondering what someone (or something) is thinking. They’re gonna let you know — for certain — …

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Neighborhood Nellie Bly scores scoops

What does a kid-run community newspaper supply that your average neighborhood newsletter doesn’t? Mainly, it’s a matter of perspective and vitality. Eleven-year-old Lucy (aka Lucy Goose) Newsom

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The useful insanity of the listserv

Most of the subject lines are pretty mundane, but then you know it’s going to be good when you see one headed “Opossum,” with seven replies.

rafting the perfect neighborhood listserv post depends on your goal. In my neighborhood, which has been described on the listserv …

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What do we write about when we write about neighborhoods?

Durham Roundup (photo E. Sappenfield)

“Only connect!” — E. M. Forster, Howard’s End
Fun sites devoted to cities and urbanism abound on the Web. (Why can’t my city have bike sharing like Copenhagen?) And then there’s all that decorator porn that enflames you with images of what your home or apartment …

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