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Found: Dog

Life on the street is impossible and unsafe for a domestic animal. If you’re able to give some days or weeks of comfort and love to a lost or homeless dog, the dog’s life is made better by it.

The Sunnyside neighborhood of Winston-Salem, NC, where …

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Dogs saving neighborhoods

Photo by flickr user Ollie Crafoord

Was it the adaptive use of commercial/industrial buildings or urban pioneering dogs that created a neighborhood in Downtown LA? A post up at The Atlantic Cities looks at the question.
“Downtown, dogs and their owners have become a crucial component of the rebounding neighborhood’s culture. . …

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Unsubtle signs of the Upper East sidewalk

Hey, Mr. Dog, I’m trying to become a tulip here. You gotta problem with that?
One thing New Yorkers excel at is letting you know how they feel. You’re never left wondering what someone (or something) is thinking. They’re gonna let you know — for certain — …

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