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Backyard timeshare

TIMESHARE backyard

As Swiss Miss says, “Only in New York.” The Timeshare Backyard is a vacant lot complete with “luxury grass,” a bbq grill and other accouterments that you can rent by the hour.
It seems like this idea might work best in a dense, urban area, but maybe there …

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Looks like y’all aren’t from around here

Living abroad for almost two years as a Peace Corps Volunteer has taught me a lot about having and being a good neighbor.
Living abroad in a small Azerbaijani town for nearly two years as a Peace Corps Volunteer has taught me a lot about how having and …

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So you want to start a listserv

So, you’re ready for the useful insanity of the listserv. Now what?
You’ve read our piece about The useful insanity of the listserv. You’ve been hearing your friends across the country talk about the things happening on their listservs. You’ve decided that it’s time for your …

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Making playborhoods: A conversation with Mike Lanza

The neighborhood is the only place where truly free play can happen. 
When he was growing up, Mike Lanza says, “Kids sort of made the neighborhood. They took the lead. They got to know other kids, and they were the social lubricant for the whole neighborhood.” But …

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Dogs saving neighborhoods

Photo by flickr user Ollie Crafoord

Was it the adaptive use of commercial/industrial buildings or urban pioneering dogs that created a neighborhood in Downtown LA? A post up at The Atlantic Cities looks at the question.
“Downtown, dogs and their owners have become a crucial component of the rebounding neighborhood’s culture. . …

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Round up your neighborhood

Roundup 5

Want to meet your neighbors in a casual, picnic-y kind of way? How about a food truck roundup (around here we call them rodeos)!
Our neighborhood hosts one at the local park every First Thursday of the month. They have arranged with a few local food …

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