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April 27th is Neighborday. Want to get involved?


For us at NEIGHBORISTA! every day is Neighborday, of course. But the good folks at GOOD — an online community network dedicated to building collaborative tools for positive social change — are hoping to encourage stratospheric levels of neighborliness this Saturday, April 27, with a …

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When EveryBlock is not enough: Making local news work

Even as ambitious nationwide hyperlocal news projects collapse, small sites are staying competitive at delivering the local goods. Here’s why.
If 2007 was the bubble year for hyperlocal news with startups like EveryBlock and Patch promising to revolutionize how we learn about what’s going on outside …

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Smallknot – invest in a neighborhood business


Smallknot is a new site that enables investing a small, local business (via Swissmiss). It’s just getting started, so right now you can support businesses in New York or Greenville, SC. Of course, they are interested in people referring their neighborhood spot. Most of the …

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Neighbors for neighbors


Yesterday’s post about the Neighborhood Chalk project led me to NeighborsForNeighbors. It’s a pretty cool example of a community dashboard site, like we talked about in So you want to start a listserv. Based in Boston, NFN combines a message board with an event calendar and …

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So you want to start a listserv

So, you’re ready for the useful insanity of the listserv. Now what?
You’ve read our piece about The useful insanity of the listserv. You’ve been hearing your friends across the country talk about the things happening on their listservs. You’ve decided that it’s time for your …

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Sanborn Maps: Your neighborhood’s history in pastel

With these maps you can see for yourself what your neighborhood looked like for the generations who have preceded you.

Every neighborhood seems to have one: that older man or woman who grew up in the neighborhood, who knows everybody’s name, and who is really the …

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Tweet Town


Apartment Therapy has a nice piece about using your Twitter feed to follow local businesses and events. A commenter notes that often local businesses and restaurants have giveaways via Twitter and Facebook. So, you can support the corner cafe or independent bookstore and maybe win …

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On Kickstarter: San Francisco Neighborhood Portraits


Elliot Bamberger is taking photos and video of historic neighborhoods in San Francisco and editing out the distracting background to focus on the collection of unique structures that gives each neighborhood its character. It’s incredibly cool.

Here’s what he says about it:
The San Francisco Neighborhood Portraits project seeks to preserve …

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Neighbors filling in the holes


Richard Layman over at Rebuilding Place in the Urban Space has made a nice round up of news stories about neighbors pitching in to keep services going in the face of budget cuts. In Sonoma County, CA, a coalition of non-profits is keeping the public parks …

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Measure your parkiness

If you live in one of the 40 largest cities in the US, then ParkScore (via Urban Planet), a new project from The Trust for Public Land, has surveyed your town and rated its parkiness (to coin a term). Cities are scored on Acreage, …

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