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On Kickstarter: Our Neighborhood Mapping Project

Sociologist Andrew Lohmann in Claremont CA wants to study neighborhoods, not using the government-defined boundaries of census tract or school district most common, but instead using boundaries generated by the residents themselves. He gives folks a blank map, asks them to draw a line around their neighborhood …

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Urbanizing the (former) suburbs

The Park Road Shopping Center - what an awesome sign.

The cluster of leafy, quiet neighborhoods collectively known as the Park-Woodlawn area in Charlotte are about to embark on a city-led planning effort to become more urban (via Next American City). They once were sleepy suburbs on the edge of downtown Charlotte, and now the …

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Neighbors filling in the holes


Richard Layman over at Rebuilding Place in the Urban Space has made a nice round up of news stories about neighbors pitching in to keep services going in the face of budget cuts. In Sonoma County, CA, a coalition of non-profits is keeping the public parks …

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Measure your parkiness

If you live in one of the 40 largest cities in the US, then ParkScore (via Urban Planet), a new project from The Trust for Public Land, has surveyed your town and rated its parkiness (to coin a term). Cities are scored on Acreage, …

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A cure for the small city blues?

Sometimes what we see as the inadequacies of our cities get us down. But we shouldn’t despair. “Look up at the unknown lights and stop focusing on the setting on the ground,” writes Kristen Jeffers in “Killing the Civic Inferiority Complex,” a visual guide about …

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