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Idle space? Not for long in San Francisco’s Mid-Market


Recently we posted about 3Space a UK organization that puts temporary tenants in empty commercial properties. In San Francisco’s Mid-Market, an organization called SQFT just launched a neighborhood-wide program with a similar purpose. SQFT hopes that by incubating pop-up businesses it can help revitalize Mid-Market, …

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Put a house on Baltic


I’m sure this will make the rounds, but Movoto has surveyed the Monopoly properties then and now. Then was the 1930s when the game debuted featuring the names of streets in and around Atlantic City, NJ. Movoto looked at properties currently for sale on those …

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No fences, good neighbors

“When the fences are up, you tend to hide in your garden from the other people. That is no longer possible here.” “Our lives are intertwined.” Does this sound good to you and your neighbors? Then read on. A recent article at the Wall …

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(Temporarily) open for business


Empty storefronts are no good for neighborhoods. But 3Space, a UK nonprofit, has realized that they’re no good for landlords either. So the organization has taken the innovative path of temporarily putting community groups into vacant properties temporarily — and free of charge to the …

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