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Backyard timeshare

TIMESHARE backyard

As Swiss Miss says, “Only in New York.” The Timeshare Backyard is a vacant lot complete with “luxury grass,” a bbq grill and other accouterments that you can rent by the hour.
It seems like this idea might work best in a dense, urban area, but maybe there …

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The corner library

“A few years ago libraries were riding high. . . . The last few years have seen the emergence of myriad mini, pop-up, guerilla and ad-hoc libraries, which are part of the phenomenon that Mimi Zeiger, in her Interventionist’s Toolkit series for this journal, calls …

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Lend like a friend


So you borrowed your neighbor Tom’s circular saw when you got inspired to build shelves for the garage to better organize your collection of mostly empty paint cans. And you rented a power tiller from Home Depot when your wife got all excited about home …

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What do we write about when we write about neighborhoods?

Durham Roundup (photo E. Sappenfield)

“Only connect!” — E. M. Forster, Howard’s End
Fun sites devoted to cities and urbanism abound on the Web. (Why can’t my city have bike sharing like Copenhagen?) And then there’s all that decorator porn that enflames you with images of what your home or apartment …

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